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CUSTOM MADE RINGS - Sir Yes Sir Global - Fine Military Insignia Jewellery


Sir Yes Sir Global is a team of dedicated craftspeople with one goal in mind; to create wearable art that reflects your service in the Military or as a Freemason

Whether it is producing a contemporary version of a traditional Regiment Emblem, or creating something entirely new, our craftsmanship and modern manufacturing techniques produce a result that is second to none. We handcraft custom designed rings and our artisan craftsman jewelers only deliver the highest quality custom designed rings and can find the right ring for you!

Our team of Graphic Designers that can draw up any new Military Crest or Masonic Emblem for your new design. So if we currently do not have your Regiment or Crest on our product list we can give you a quotation for making a new green wax mold.

If you have 5 or more people interested in the new design, we will do this no charge but if it is a 1 off purchase cost for making a new shape ring size and emblem is 85 GBP.

If just an emblem on top with our current shape and size ring designs cost would be 50 GBP pounds.

Please send an email to