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DELIVERY - Sir Yes Sir Global - Fine Military Insignia Jewellery


Sir Yes Sir Global use DHL Express and Registered Airmail for our Deliveries.
Please note you have a selection of either DHL Express or Registered Air Mail please select carefully in checkout and understand that DHL is an Express service with insurance and takes a short time to receive your parcel and is very safe during Covid 19 and in our opinion is well worth the extra cost.

Other Choice is Registered Air Mail and in most cases it will take 4 to 6 weeks to arrive this is mainly due to Covid 19 as there is not as many International Air operating currently as before Covid 19 so if you are not in a hurry or it is not important and you are prepared to wait then this is a much cheaper option.

Currently number of days to destinations

United Kingdom 3 to 4 days

Europe 3 to 4 days

Australia 5 days

New Zealand 5 days

United States 5 days

Canada 5 days


Great Britain is currently taking 1 to 2 weeks for delivery highly recommend you post by register to United Kingdom

All other International Destinations 2 to 4 weeks

Please note your order is up to 500 grams allowance and this could be up to 6 items or rings to reach this allowance so if you want to add another item of our site you will only be charged the one price and extra items will have no extra price for delivery.

Also if you have a friend that also wants to place an order you could order your friends item and have it delivered to your address then post it to them in your own Country or State to save the cost of delivery.

Your parcel with DHL also includes insurance for loss so please understand that the extra cost involved is a much superior service and it is our belief that this is a safe and much superior delivery option and well worth the extra cost during Covid 19 except for United Kingdom as Registered Airmail is currently arriving in some cases just over 1 week .