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Australian Military Rings-Sir Yes Sir Global

Australian Military rings Insignia signet created by Sir Yes Sir, take time to explore our unique designs.Australian Military Rings


These rings are a memorable way for Australian Veterans of the Army, Navy, and Air Force.

And are made for returned servicemen and women to show their service and pride in the time served in the armed forces.

The Australian Military Rings are an authentic symbol of service and sacrifice for our country.


The rings are engraved with a variety of military insignia and phrases that represent the different services.

Australian Military Rings

We make our rings from precious metals, Sterling Silver 92.5 percent. We also use gold in 9 carats to 14 carats and 18-carat gold, and all of our rings are solid backfilled and are extremely comfortable to wear.

Furthermore, we also have many shapes and designs to select from at Sir Yes Sir.

We laser etch design and emblems or writing on the side shanks of your ring for a unique look that a lot of other suppliers do not have.


And this technique we use in making our rings gives you the benefit of dealing with a jeweler that can supply so many options. Which includes gold plating on certain parts of the top emblem and also enamel coloring also on certain parts of your emblem.

We also use gemstones in some of our designs we supply engraving on the inside band for your unique ring, so it can be passed down to future generations of your family.

Australian Military Rings for Sale

We have many military rings for sale like RAR rings, army rings, British army regimental rings, and navy signet rings. Furthermore, you will find the best ones here.

Our company employs our own silversmith and goldsmith artisans. With 30 years of experience, we make our unique rings for many countries. Such as the United States, United Kingdom, Australia New Zealand, and Canada.

Moreover, we cast our rings, which is an ancient practice, and this process requires the pouring of molten precious metals into a mold.

In short, we have perfected the science of casting with the latest equipment available to us. Most importantly, we also take British military medals in order. Military rings are one of the most popular ways of recognizing honor. And valor for men and women that have served in the military. You are buying directly from the maker. So no middle man involves,

And we can promise you a very competitive price for such a high-quality item. We can also supply custom-made rings for any new design that we currently do not stock in our range. So please contact us for new designs.

We are very proud to represent your Regiment, Battalion, or Squadron. And we will carefully craft your commemorative signet ring with the respect and craftsmanship it deserves.