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The Royal Anglian Regiment (R ANGLIAN) is an infantry regiment of the British Army and is one of the four regiments of the Queen’s Division. The regiment came into being following the amalgamation of various county regiments and thus can trace its lineage back to 1685. Soldiers and officers of the regiment have been involved in nearly every conflict in the modern era.

The regiment was formed on 1 September 1964 as the first of the new large infantry regiments, through the amalgamation of the four regiments of the East Anglian Brigade

1st (Norfolk and Suffolk) Battalion from the 1st Battalion of the 1st East Anglian Regiment

2nd (Duchess of Gloucester’s Own Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire) Battalion – 1st Battalion, 2nd East Anglian Regiment

3rd (16th/44th Foot) Battalion – 1st Battalion, 3rd East Anglian Regiment

4th (Leicestershire) Battalion – 1st Battalion, Royal Leicestershire Regiment.

The Royal Anglian Regiment was established to serve as the county regiment for the following counties:












Initially formed of seven battalions (four regular and three Territorial Army), the regiment was reduced in 1975 with the loss of the 4th (Leicestershire) Battalion to three regular battalions and three TA. The regiment was reduced again in 1992 to two regular and two TA battalions with the loss of the 3rd (16th/44th Foot) and 5th Battalions

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