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Triumph Owners Motor Cycle Club (TOMCC) is a motorcycle club for owners of Triumph Motorcycles based in the United Kingdom. Founded in 1949 in South London, the club has expanded nationally to a membership of circa 6,000 members.[1] The club is open to owners of Triumph Motorcycles of all ages, including those built by the latest incarnation of the company, Triumph Motorcycles Ltd in Hinckley. The club is affiliated to the ACU and the British Motorcyclists Federation. Presently it has 44 regional branches spread throughout the UK. Members are also welcome from outside of United Kingdom. Members can elect to join Head Office branch rather than any particular branch.

The club organizes social activities for members and publishes a monthly magazine called Nacelle which is dependent upon contributions from members and covers the whole spectrum of owning, riding and maintaining Triumph motorcycles from classics through to the latest models. National events (Trifest) are organized for all members to attend complementing the local regional events. The club offers a number of services, including discovery of manufacture date for individuals who wish to apply for an age related vehicle registration plate.

TOMCC is run by a group by enthusiast for enthusiasts on a volunteer basis. The club is independent from Triumph Motorcycles Ltd but there is close co-operation between them, their dealer network and TOMCC

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